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The Ethics of Stem Cell Research Essay. There are two different types of stem ells, embryonic and somatic - The Ethics of Stem Cell Research Essay introduction. Somatic stem cells are “cells found in different tissues of the developed, adult organism that remain in an undifferentiated, or unspecified, state” (Adult (or somatic) stem cell definition – Exploratory”, Web).

Free Essay: Embryonic stem cells can be defined as stem cells that are derived from the undifferentiated inner mass cells of a human embryo. In other words. Stem cells are unique and rare cells that are not assigned to carry out a specific function and are defined by two properties: self-renewal and differentiation.

Self-renewal is an ability that allows the cell to divide and make more cells. Differentiation is the ability to separate and make. Ethics of Stem Cell Research Essay Stem cell research represents a new opportunity for ethical thought and debate. Stem cells are primitive The Ethics of Stem Cell Research Stem Cells are unspecified cells that have the capability to renew themselves through cell division.

The Ethics of Stem Cell Research Essay Words 5 Pages While some people might say that stem cell research is immoral and unethical, others believe that it is a magical solution for almost any problem, thus leading to a very controversial issue. Stem Cell Research: The Benefits of Stem Cells Essay Words | 3 Pages extracted the adult stem cells from it and formed an osteoblast, which is a bone forming cell.

Ethics stem cells essay
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